Strong Towns and Why a Road Should be a Street

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It is coming up to the end of the year and time to seriously think about who will be getting the “Gordies” for the best urban Vancouver news story, the most disastrous, and of course the most odd. Meanwhile the very good folks at Strong Towns  have been doing some thoughtful thinking too about how to create better roads and streets. And they have come up with some direct principles and some pointed facts.

Quoting Chuck Marohn: “Most cities right now just give their street design work to their city engineer or (worse) public works office and let them run with it. You get the engineering value system; it’s built in, despite being contrary to the community’s values. Then there is all this tension when the design is despotic or expensive. Public hearing processes have been set up to (superficially) diffuse the tension, but it doesn’t get at the core…

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