The Celebration of Light, New Year’s Eve and the Big Bangs

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Fireworks are big business in the City of Vancouver, and are the centre piece of a summer “celebration of light” where we celebrate which country can make the most impressive display and percussion. Years ago it was a tobacco company that had its name on this festival-now it is a car manufacturer.

City Council has just announced that they will be approving $50,000 for  a New Year’s Eve celebration downtown with live bands and two fireworks displays-one at 9:00 p.m. for families with kids, and one again at midnight.

Fireworks do produce light, noise and air pollution, although in the moment the light and noise are pleasurable to viewers. They  also release  chemicals and particle-laden haze. But what is the impact of fireworks on birds and animal life? Does it make a difference to make that kind of noise in the summer or the winter? And why is there so…

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