Avoiding the Vancouver Vacancy Tax

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The Better folks  describe it here:  “You get a Vancouver address, live in one of the city’s nicest neighborhoods, and use most of the city’s resources– but technically you don’t live in the City of Vancouver. We’re talking about The University Endowment Lands (UEL), an area 1/10th the size of Vancouver that consumes the majority of the city’s coastline, but is administered independently. This means that despite having a Vancouver address, homes there are exempt from the recent vacancy tax”.

The UEL is that tony leafy suburb area the transit bus wends through on its voyage from Alma Street to UBC on the west. Even though it receives City of Vancouver services under contract, it is administered by the Province not the City of Vancouver, which may also be why the taxes are also lower. As Better Dwelling states ” Annual property taxes are roughly 30% lower…

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