Are We Suffering from Kuebiko?

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This term  as reported in the Indy 100 is a Japanese term that means “fatigue generated by senseless trauma”.

“Kuebiko was a Shinto deity of knowledge and agriculture, a scarecrow who couldn’t move but had complete awareness of events around him. He may be most known to the Western World through a wise scarecrow of his namesake that features in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.”

“If you feel impotent, looking on at a string of events beyond your influence, then you may relate to ‘kuebiko’.”

Kuebiko may well represent how many “globalists” feel after watching Brexit and the results of the American election. Oh and by the way, if you were British and wanted to remain in the European Economic Union, you are a “remainer”. And if you are a Canadian? You may be experiencing  Kuebiko. Here is how to pronounce it.


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