Where is Our Uber?

Price Tags

old_checker_cab-1451In Business in Vancouver, Peter Ladner asks what a lot of us have been pondering-“Why is it taking so long for the city and province to figure out how to bring transportation network companies like Uber onto our streets?”

Price Tags has been wondering too.  So why don’t we have Uber? Peter Ladner responds directly and notes that taxi owner protectionism may be a factor.  “As with all disruptive technologies, there will be winners and losers. Life is not fair: the 60 Vancouver cab licences currently for sale with no takers are never going to go up in value, no matter how long Minister of Sleeve Rolling and Foot Dragging Peter Fassbender takes to respond to the embarrassed millennials in the BC Liberal Party. Holding citizens hostage to a limited number of taxis in a vain effort to protect taxi owners’ equity is past the point…

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