Back to the Mega Mall-a not friendly Pedestrian Intersection and a not needed Pedestrian Overpass

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Photo: Daily Hive

Tsawwassen Mills Mall had a great consumer opening with some setbacks, such as a big traffic hangover and the death of the prized four-foot long sturgeon fish in the freshwater tank at the Bass Pro Store. We like the idea of seeing things that are truly of this place and we take pride in it-like the rare sturgeon fish. The mega mall, all 1.2 million square feet of it, and the associated 6,000 parking spaces were built because it is assumed that we are a car oriented culture, that will spend a lot of time at one place, one very big place, shopping. We are the fish. The mall is the pond. And surprise,some people locally like to walk and cycle to the mall.

The Delta Optimist reports that the Delta Council is continuing attempts to get the Province to build a five million dollar pedestrian overpass…

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