Parking at the Tsawwassen Mills Mega Mall-Motordom’s last gasp?

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Business in Vancouver‘s Glen Korstrom  reports that Tsawwassen Mills has no intent to change the way the traffic circulates in the mega mall parking lot to alleviate the huge jams of idling cars trying to access and exit the 180 store behemoth  on Class 1 farmland. With only three exits servicing 6,000 parking spaces, things can get a little dicey. And a little heated.

The first opening weekend traffic flag people  hired by the mall as well as the Delta police and RCMP worked to make traffic flow. However that did not stop anxious car idlers from driving their SUVs’ over landscaping to escape the curvilinear feeder streets, nor did it stop shoppers from parking along Highway 17 and in an adjacent farmer’s field. Coupled with the rain, and some hot tempers  it was like watching an outdoors monster truck rally.

Approximately 284,000 shoppers jammed B.C.’s newest mall in the six…

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