Spare the Driver, Kill the Pedestrian-Driverless Car Programming

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There are a whole bunch of people (and I am included) that are seriously concerned with how driverless car technology will interface with those pesky cyclists and erratic pedestrians who seem to amble in undetermined ways along city streets. The most efficient way for driverless cars to operate is without any interruption-no bicyclists, no pedestrians. And that has been a worry in terms of thinking of street design, and the potential for pedestrians to be even more marginalized on city streets.

But Mercedes has some new info to help us feel even more uncomfortable about this-“When they crash, self-driving Mercedes will be programmed to save the driver, and not the person or people they hit. That’s the design decision behind the Mercedes Benz’s future Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous cars, according to the company’s manager of driverless car safety, Christoph von Hugo. Instead of worrying about troublesome details…

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