Bus “Pass Ups” Increasing in Metro Vancouver

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Price Tags contributor  Scot Bathgate of the Daily Scot sent  this CTV news article reporting on the increase in the dreaded “Bus Pass Ups” in Metro Vancouver.As reported by Jon Woodward , those people left waiting at a bus stop while the bus passes by  have increased by 50 per cent over the last five years. The reason? Increasing ridership and delayed infrastructure investments, like the Broadway subway extension.

Every time a bus leaves someone behind, bus drivers press a button that logs the incident. In 2010, bus drivers pressed that button 211,184 times.In 2011, after the Canada Line opened, that number actually dropped to 199,743. But in subsequent years that number increased again, to 259,994 in 2012, and 317,276 in 2013.

As TransLink was pressed to reorganize its routes for efficiency, bus pass-ups dropped in 2014, to 297,217. But that improvement was short-lived: last year, the…

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