Trending-Return of Main Street as THE Shopping Street

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This article by Toronto’s Darryl Kaplan suggests that the love affair with shopping malls will be extinct within 15 years. Quoting Kaid Benfield who writes about the trends towards walkable downtowns and suburbs “This decrease in outer suburban development isn’t “urbanist wishful thinking”:  it is fact.  It’s also fact that central cities are growing again, after decades of decline – and, for the first time in a century, growing at a faster rate than their suburbs.

And people are driving less with annual decreases in miles driven peaking in 2005 and now at  1995 levels. People ARE using car shares, biking and walking and using transit. There is quite simply a modal split away from a motordom dominated life.

According to a 2014 article titled, America’s Shopping Malls Are Dying A Slow, Ugly Death, the news is bad , “About 15% of U.S. malls will fail or be converted…

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