Tsawwassen Mills First Glimpse-An Initial Review

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Despite fears of record crowd crushes, the parking lots were not completely full as Tsawwassen Mills, the 1.2 million square foot mall built on Class 1 agricultural land on the floodplain went live on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. As reported in the Vancouver Sun by Pete McMartin  “The mall is alarmingly big, and its construction on what used to be prime farm land between Ladner and Tsawwassen was greeted by both loathing and eager anticipation by locals — of which I am one. Some saw it as a welcome addition to the retail landscape, which was limited, or an abomination that would forever destroy the cozy feel of their communities.”

And another article in the Vancouver Sun by Susan Lazaruk notes that the Chief of the 470 member Tsawwassen First Nation Chief Bryce Williams “called the mall reconciliation in action referring to the federal government’s initiative to acknowledge and move past a…

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