Granny-sitting and Free Rent in London

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The BBC has used a new term- after a web-based advertisement went up looking for a “granny-sitter” for a spry 93-year-old grandmother who is active, loves her crossword puzzles, baking, and “singing old drinking songs”.

Ross Elder and his girlfriend realized that his grandmother was not thriving in an old age home after a stroke. The couple made the decision to move Ross’s grandmother in to an apartment in London England where they both worked, and posted an ad for a person to be a companion for her. The pay? In exchange for three days of care, free rent in the same apartment.

“We decided to rent a place overlooking the river that was much better for nearby walks and getting around,” Ross says. “We organised some professional care as we realised it would be a challenge but I wanted someone to be with her all the time.”

The couple had heard…

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