The Rise and Fall of the Country Lane

Price Tags


Price Tags has explored the Country Lane, and there has been some speculation as to the origins of this concept and why it disappeared from our urban consciousness. The County  Lane  was so right in so many ways-it was sustainable, dealt well with torrential rains and sitting groundwater, prevented flooding onto residential properties (that is a big issue when lanes are paved), slowed traffic down, minimized off gassing (with no pavement being installed) and surprise-formed a fabulous public space that was quickly taken over by neighbours for barbeques and even evening movie screenings with lawn chairs in the lane serving as movie seats. I know it sounds utopian, and it was the right idea, just at the wrong time.

In 2013, Price Tags revisited the country lane as did the National Post in this article entitled  “Forgotten Country Lane Could Be the Answer to Vancouver’s Desire for Green Space”.

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