Grab That Can of Paint and Get to the Street-Part One

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A story about street spaces and paint, lots of paint, and one artist with a passion to end the road dominance of the car.

In Montreal, a local artist named Peter Gibson has been transforming the city’s summer streets and signs with his love of stencils since 2001. After three years of artistic  interventions without municipal consent, Gibson was left with 53 counts of mischief and potentially $100,000 in fines.

Peter Gibson, also known as as “Roadsworth” had a large gaggle of followers who campaigned to reduce the penalties for his illegal paint activity on city streets to a few community service hours. As one of Montreal’s city planners stated, this was the first time that citizens actually stood up and insisted that a public artist be supported and that the public art should stay. Even better, the community hours that Gibson was required to do were spent painting  

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