A City of Bikers but what about the walkers?

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Why does walkability in a city get such short shrift when it is completely sustainable and carbon neutral, is highly recommended for mental and physical health, and is a key ingredient to enhanced sociability and city life? Walkability and spaces designed for those on foot also provide universal accessibility for the young and old, disabled, and those without financial  means of transportation.


The  City of Vancouver is doing a great job bringing on bike lanes and making plans to make bike riding safer, faster and more convenient…but there is barely a mention about public realm and sidewalk improvements for pedestrians. And does not every journey, no matter what transportation mode you are using begin and end with a walk?

The recent City of Vancouver Council committee on December 10 considered the  Active Transportation Update to the  2040 Transportation Plan.

The update will provide new bike lanes, and upgrade some of…

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