The Tortoise and the Hare

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Every year as part of the Share The Road Challenge, car drivers and transit users compete in a race to the downtown in Vancouver as part of  the HUB Cycling Annual “Share the Road Challenge”.  Thirteen teams of bike, car and transit users started out at various locations in Vancouver and North Vancouver. Their mission? Arrive at the corner of Granville and Georgia Streets faster than their team mates.

For the first time in eight years of running this challenge, the bicyclists on each team were the fastest, arriving at the  downtown finish line way ahead of the vehicular and transit modes.


As reported in the the Daily Hive, the development of dedicated bike lanes and bike boxes at intersections is paying off handsomely in faster bicycle commute times. Everything has come full circle-cycling is the way to go, and as this race proves, is the quickest way  to…

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